Find Out What You Need to Complete an Art Deco-Style Property


A contemporary wrap around pool that fits into a small space is the missing piece that completes a gorgeous Art Deco-style property

In Aberfeldie, Melbourne, an Art Deco-style house with beautiful fittings and features belongs to a forward-thinking architect. When he renovated the property years ago, the rear was done in cohesion with the original property so that it would seamlessly integrate with the existing house. When it came time to consider a pool to complete the Art Deco-style property, the client had a vision for an edgy and contemporary-looking design and Laurie Jacobson Pools was chosen to work with him to bring it to life.

“The homeowner had drawn up designs for the pool and we worked to make his vision a reality,” explains Laurie, director of Laurie Jacobson Pools. “Unlike what many clients usually ask for, this 6.5m-long pool isn’t child-friendly. With children in their 20s, the homeowners wanted to enjoy their back garden and create a visual feature.”

contemporary art deco-style property

The modern pool wraps around the house due to a rather tight space for the pool between the house and garage. The walls around the deep end are high, so swimmers need to swim back to the shallow end to get out of the pool. There is also a marble retaining wall at the back, containing a sheer-descent water feature. “It’s an interesting-looking pool featuring different levels and retaining walls,” says Laurie.

Despite the tight space where the pool was to be located, access to the area was fortunately quite easy, with a gate to the side of the pool allowing for equipment to be taken in and out. With the house, backyard and pool working in unison, the completed Art Deco-style property really does exude visual interest and captures the architect’s vision.


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