A plum that lasts a lifetime


You can buy an apple that lasts a moment, or a bunch of flowers that lasts a week, but what if you could buy years of hard work, skill, determination, rain, sunshine, and time? Well, you can.

A cutting was laid into the ground, forming the roots. Three seasons pass and a slice of pure gold was grafted to the roots. In winter, the tree was taken from the ground, and if not offered for sale, potted up at the nursery. The tree was given drippers for water, was pruned with branches shaped, and given time to flourish. In spring they begin again, flowering and growing bright purple leaves, grown to a standard size, then sold from the nursery.

Thousands of moments, curated by hand from start to finish, for our plum fruit trees to reach a garden centre near you. The tree isn’t just any tree, it’s an exclusive PlantNet® tree, which means it has exceptional fruit, foliage, form, or disease resistance – or a combination of the four – on genuine dwarfing rootstock. In this case, it’s A-Okay Plum™, our health-boosting purple-leaved plum tree with high antioxidants for a true health kick with each bite.


You can plant PlantNet® trees in the ground, next to the house, in a pot, or in a home orchard, and it will get you the best results and a lifetime of moments to share. Our expansive range has something for everyone, no matter the location and size of your yard – and they are available in garden centres and Bunnings around Australia now.

There’s not much that money can buy that takes this much time and skill, while giving you a quality product to plant, harvest, and enjoy with your family. Explore our vast range of products by visiting our website and find your closest PlantNet® stockiest today.

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