Bareroot fruit tree

Bareroot fruit trees


Purchasing bareroot deciduous trees has been popular all over the world for hundreds of years. Many Australians don’t know the positives of bareroot fruit trees – some don’t even know what they are! Bareroot trees are trees sold with no soil around their roots – most commonly they are deciduous trees (aka trees that lose their leaves in winter).

There are so many advantages to these fruit trees – more choice, freedom to style your tree to suit your backyard, and the opportunity to purchase dwarf fruit trees that can be planted in even the smallest of yards.

The best part of it all? You will pay less for each tree!

At PlantNet® we believe that the best time to plant your fruit trees is in winter when they’re – you guessed it – bareroot! If you’re new to gardening or setting up a new home orchard or edible patio, read on for our 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bareroot Fruit Trees and Ornamentals!

PlantNet® specialises in bringing high quality dwarf fruit trees and ornamental trees to you – the home gardener. No matter the space, we’ve got something for you! You can find our products in garden centres, hardware stores, or online.

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