Plant idea: Rock and Roll, a real show stopper


Introducing a gorgeous standout plant feature, perfect to brighten up any garden

There are times when you don’t want to overthink a plant choice. You’ve got an empty pot, or a bare spot in the garden, and so happily find yourself at the garden centre. You expect to spot something nice and then be on your way back home in no time. But sometimes it doesn’t work like that. With too much choice and too many unanswered questions posed by staff (who are trying to be helpful), the fun can easily evaporate.

Which is why plants like Rock and Roll® alstroemeria are brilliant. You’ll notice it because it is extraordinary to look at. There’s a lot going on, and it’s all happening within the one plant. It has the two toned foliage; the bold red flowers; and if the garden centre has more than twenty of them in stock, you’ll notice how these plants merge together to form a knock-out, massed display.

Garden centres know the value of plants like this – a show stoppers, as they are known as in the trade – which they deliberately put out front or at the beginning of the aisle, simply because they look good and they’re a great solution for most gardeners. Which is why they may be hard to find…. but worth the chase…

Rock and Roll® facts

–            the foliage is a variegated mix of green and yellow, fading to white with a deep green edge

–            masses of dark red flowers held on white stems are produced from spring to late autumn, and they make brilliant cut flowers

–            this alstroemeria grows well in part shade through to full sun, forming dense clumps, 50-70cm across by 80-100cm high

–           its water needs are average to moist, but not boggy or dry

–            trim to the ground to encourage bushiness; for more flowers pull spent stems from the plant’s base

Early in the season the foliage is a stand out in the garden, then the bright red flowers appear, from spring through to late autumn.

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