Poolside palace

Three poolside palace styles for creating your own


Lounging and relaxing in a five-star resort’s luxurious outdoor sanctuary is a wonderful memory for many of us. While the opportunity to relive this may seem far off as travel costs increase, advancements in tile manufacturing processes mean you can cost-effectively create your own poolside palace just steps from your back door.

According to Beaumont Tiles design specialist, Rachel Gilding, getting a resort look guaranteed to wow your family and friends has become easier and more accessible than ever with the advancement of Microtec’s advanced glazing technology. “While the type of tiles you could use was previously limited, the recent release of our Microtec textured tiles range enables you to transform your poolside into a retreat, no matter the style you are looking for,” she says.

“Exclusive to the Beaumonts, our Microtec ranges are durable, have a high slip rating and resist exposure to chemicals and the changing weather. There’s also an expansive range of options to fit any style.”

Microtec is perfect for indoor and outdoor living thanks to its smooth slip-resistant technology that feels like a matt finish. “Its fine uniform coating of microscopic granules applied during manufacturing to form a smooth grip finish will last the life of your tile,” says Rachel. “Its slip-resistant tile is great for the pool area as the Microtec range has a safe grip that activates when wet.”

With endless style options on offer, Rachel highlights three that are perfect to create a poolside palace but suggests that before deciding on a style, homeowners should make use of Beaumont’s What’s My Style quiz and BeVisual Live tool. “From an aesthetics perspective, you want to make sure you choose a look that will match the style of your home and continue the overall design narrative. ‘What’s My Style’ is perfect for this as it shows the style that best suits you and offers a personalised style book to help you get started. Once you land on the style, you can use our exclusive BeVisual Live augmented reality tool that will visualise what your main floor tile choices will look like on a photo of your selected space.”

Poolside palace

The natural beauty of the coastal style

Rachel says the Coastal style fits perfectly in a poolside palace thanks to its strong hints of the beachside retreat that spells relaxation. Choosing Legend sandstone from the Microtec range can perfectly capture the look of sandy shores flowing into shimmering blue waters.

“This range works so well for warm and cool colour schemes,” shares Rachel. “Coupling this with neutral outdoor furniture and plant accessories can create a beautiful sanctuary of serenity that you’ll never want to leave. If you’re looking for other options, choosing any beige larger-format tile in the range will help create that coastal look. Whether you choose Pompeii Crema or Laguna Ivory, they will each bring the sandy look to your summer coastal oasis.”

Seamless contemporary flow from inside to out

According to Rachel, a Contemporary style works well in a poolside setting thanks to its neutral streamlined, sophisticated aesthetic, particularly when it extends from the inside.

“Having your pool tiles match the style of your home can provide a seamless flow, and our Microtec technology makes this simple to do,” she says. “Our Rome Steel Grey or Basalt Grey ranges can create a perfect flow between indoor and outdoor areas. These large-format tiles are perfect for application across your home and lean into the simplicity that Contemporary is known for. Adding an outdoor barbecue to the mix or some clean, smooth-edged furniture which matches that neutral colour palette will create a welcoming environment for your guests.”

When choosing these darker shade ranges, it’s important to remember they can get quite warm underfoot. If your pool is heavily exposed to sunlight, opt for a lighter-shade tile as it will be less inclined to absorb as much heat as darker-toned options.

The functional and smooth traditional style for your poolside palace

Rachel says there’s no doubt the Traditional look is warm and welcoming, with a nod to classic European luxury homes. “When choosing poolside tiles to match this style, sticking to a lighter or darker theme in all the design elements is essential,” she advises. “A Bora Marble Grey or a Lagoon Light Grey from the Microtec range could do wonders for your toes, while maximising that marble or natural stone look that oozes traditional charm.

“Just remember to lean into the symmetry of this style using finishes that match,” adds Rachel, “like using a pair of ornate outdoor lamps or a pair of sun lounges to lean into the traditional vibe. This way, your poolside palace will be ready to go when you begin the summer parties and lazy days lounging by the waterside.”


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