Hidden jewel: A lush urban courtyard garden
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This lush urban courtyard garden provides an escape from the buzz of city life

Walking through the lane ways of Paddington, a bustling inner-Sydney suburb, you would hardly imagine a garden this luxuriant sat nestled within the walls of a small terrace house courtyard.

“As you enter the outdoor room through the home’s bifold doors, you are engaged by the rustling of the Timor black bamboo and the burbling of the water falling lazily over the water wall into the shimmering, glass mosaic-tiled pool below,” says Chris Slaughter of Scenic Blue Design.

Looking across the pool, your eye is drawn to the bottom of the stone water wall, after which it climbs to the garden’s upper level where a decorative, wrought-iron-framed outdoor mirror takes pride of place on the rear wall. At the very top of the water wall is an ethanol-fuelled fire grate, which produces dancing flames that can be seen from within the house.

“But before you ascend the steps to the upper garden, your eye is caught by the bespoke ‘floating’ honed-granite barbecue bench and under-counter bar fridge,” adds Chris. “Grabbing a cold drink, your attention returns to the ‘hanging’ stone steps whose undersides are lit to emphasise the negative space consuming them.

“As you step onto the upper terrace, the table setting beckons and it is from here you are able to see the entire journey, which includes the plants and the way in which they embrace and soften the hard structures,” he continues. Such plants include a row of Acacia ‘Limelights’, which are supported by a boundary framework of crocosmia, pittosporum, baby’s tears, cordyline and liriope, and feature plantings of a catalpa tree and a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ‘Oshu Shidare’).

“From this restful place, you can look back at the guests mingling in the home’s kitchen diner or gathering around the barbecue, the children splashing in the pool or reclining on one of the underwater ledges, and the flickering of the flames,” says Chris. “The ability to be part of the party from anywhere within this garden makes this small courtyard setting a hidden jewel in the heart of Sydney.”

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