Advanced automation: Connect to your pool with your smartphone


As home automation and connected objects become more common, their influence in the pool space is starting to become noticed with these great new products that make life easier

Connected objects and home automation are not new. These technologies have been around for over 30 years. But why has this phenomenon been under the spotlights only for the past few years?

This can be explained by the evolution of these technologies in recent years. These objects take up less space, their set up is easy and the cost has dropped significantly. Not to mention the change in our consumption pattern of smartphones and tablets, objects that have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

How home automation is making life easier for pool and spa owners with smartphone connectivity

Home automation has become accessible to the great majority. Houses, cars and gardens become connected. Pools and spas have also followed the trend to make life easier for consumers and provide a greater level of comfort and safety.

Viron Chlorinator Cell

AstralPool Viron and Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability. With an easy to use touch pad, intelligent self cleaning of the cell, pool or spa sanitiser dosing control and also a filter backwash timer, you can’t go pass the Viron Salt Chlorinator to make your pool healthy and enjoyable.

Take control of your AstralPool Chlorinator to the next level by going wireless with Bluetooth control. This feature is only available with Viron and Viron eQuilibrium. This will give you the ability to view your water balance, auto or direct manual control, schedule and adjust timers and control compatible AstralPool pumps and lights – all from your smartphone!

Connecting through Bluetooth, the ChlorinatorGO allows you to control and configure your chlorinator remotely. Now you can continue to relax in your pool or spa and still have full control! Once linked, this app lets you control all the major functions of your chlorinator without having to climb over all your other equipment. With the simple-to-use interface, you can start and stop the pump, place it into Auto mode, control lighting, adjust the Timers, and more.

ChlorinatorGO gives you the freedom to:

  • Discover, name and store up to four chlorinators.
  • Start and stop the pump manually, or place it into Auto mode.
  • Turn on and off your lights, and change their colour.
  • View your water balance and adjust chemistry set-points.
  • Control the pump speed.
  • View and adjust the pump and lighting timers, with full control of start & stop time and speed.

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