Renovation revolution: outdoor designs

We explore two newly renovated outdoor areas; a simple and modern landscape and a beautiful pool/timber deck design

Pool and Timber Deck Design

SiteDesign_PoolTimber_EDITED5 SiteDesign_PoolTimber_EDITED4

Originally this Sylvania home featured a level change of about five meters, the zone in which there were canopy trees, weeds, rotting fences and more. Site Design + Studios cut sandstone steps from the site’s existing rock, which were re-used wisely with functionality in mind.

SiteDesign_PoolTimber_EDITED2 SiteDesign_PoolTimber_EDITED3

Also utilised was Australian hardwood timber, chosen as it ages well, and masonry walls to cater for the level changes. All these design elements were worked together to form a truly stunning pool/timber deck design.

Pool & Garden Landscape Design

SiteDesign_ModernSimple_EDITED5 SiteDesign_ModernSimple_EDITED4

What began as a pool and garden makeover job transformed into the bigger job of completely renovating the client’s outdoor space. Luckily, Site Design + Studios were more than up to the task, and the results was a beautiful modern and simple landscape.

SiteDesign_ModernSimple_EDITED2 SiteDesign_ModernSimple_EDITED3

All paving was redone and reconfigured, new decks installed and new carport drive and front gates added. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the interior makeover, new bathrooms and outdoor kitchen area.

Project details

Design and construction Sitedesign Studios


Written by Ben Nour

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