Rustic-style haven


Natural materials and simple plantings turn this informal garden into a rustic-style haven

Located in the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla, the aim of redesigning this garden was to create a beach-style look using natural materials.

The team behind the project wanted to open up the house to the garden and the street, allow more light into the residence using bright whites as well as link the house to the garden garden, creating a flow between the indoors and outdoors. And the new look has been a huge success withthe neighbours and the owners, of course.

“This renovation has definitely set a precedent around the area,” says Brandon Wallis from Sitedesign Studios. “I have noticed many beach-style renovations popping up. A key element in transforming the look of the outside of the house was to swap some of the rendering for cladding. “It’s light-weight and easy to install,” adds Brandon. I think it’s long-lasting and timeless.”

The V-joint-style cladding in white adds to the seaside feel, but has a modern finish. The same material was also used on some internal walls and drop-down ceilings for a cohesive look. “It’s good to see the end of the rendered house that has dominated during the past 10 years,” says Brandon. “They are heavy and costly to build. The style can easily be adapted to any renovated house if the designer uses a few key ingredients. The timber-painted house combined with elements of render works well. Too much of either just doesn’t have the same effect. It’s about a balanced use of both.”

Sandstone was key in creating the exterior flooring, with walling and steps forming different levels in the garden to add interest and provide a more organic, less-planned feel. Stone is also used to create a buffer to the street. Painted brickwork adds to the relaxed look.

For Brandon, it was all about keeping it simple. “The renovation and gardens were done in three months and were a major change without huge engineering costs. The key was to work wisely with what we had,” he says.

Practical elements had to be taken on board as well. With two young kids, the family wanted a good view of all areas from the house. They also wanted to follow the sun, so the garden is broken into different spaces in accordance with the sun’s path throughout the day, and the planting of course reflects this.

The garden is also environmentally friendly. Much of the stone is reused, and there are no concrete footings built. Instead, the emphasis is on real, natural beauty.

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Design and construction: Site Design Studios


Words by Lizzie Fawcett

Originally from Outdoor Rooms magazine, Volume 26

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