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With hot, dry summers on the rise and more time than ever spent at home, why not look to landscaping and gardening solutions to transform your garden into an urban oasis this summer?

Whether you’re landscaping to sell or creating a garden your family can grow into, here are some trend predictions that will help you create stylish and functional outdoor spaces from family friendly gardens to rooftop entertaining.

Outdoor Heating

Trans seasonal outdoor entertaining is important for Australians, but it’s only possible with the right heating solutions. The ambience a fire pit brings is worth the investment alone, providing an enjoyable feature for the garden and a natural gathering spot for socialising and entertaining. It’s a great focal point and people are naturally drawn to the campfire-like atmosphere. If a fire pit isn’t a practical choice for your outdoor area, gas patio heaters or radiant heaters that can be installed on the roof are just some of the outdoor heating options available.

Urban Oasis

As urban blocks get smaller, getting back to nature requires a little creativity. Rooftops and balconies provide fantastic spaces for entertaining and relaxing using outdoor furniture to define specific areas, and varying pavers to create different zones and moods.Create the illusion of space by carrying pavers upwards to clad an otherwise blank courtyard wall. The variety of cladding that is available from Amber will deliver the look you are wanting to create with your courtyard wall.

Finding Your Flow

Outdoor rooms and alfresco dining spaces continue to be one of the biggest trends for Australian homes. Creating an effortless extension from indoor to outdoor living is what the Australian summer is all about! The use of expansive glazing and sliding doors will open up a room from the inside out. Increase this effect with flowing paving that connects both the inside and outside areas to create a seamless transition into nature.

Rooftops and Balconies

As more and more people downsize and move into apartments, the need to create connection to nature and the outdoors via small balcony gardens or rooftop oasis is more popular than ever. Rooftops are huge as entertainment spaces now and creative, architectural design has opened up these areas to entertaining. A practical system for establishing a rooftop entertaining area is paving on top of specialty paving jacks. These pods sit atop of a waterproof membrane. They are not glued or concreted into the roof, meaning services can continue running under the pavement for easy access and maintenance and Amber’s Urban Surface 20mm porcelain paver ranges are the perfect solution to create this space.

Low-Maintenance Gardens

Tightening water restrictions and increased temperatures have taken their toll on traditional gardens schemes. Start your low-fuss finish from the ground up replacing grass with a product from Amber’s extensive range of natural stone or concrete pavers, then layer garden beds in a variety sizes and textures to create interest. Encourage overlapping fronds, climbing vines and explosive blooms to saturate your surroundings with lush green palms and bamboos.


Edible gardens and vegetable patches have made a revival during the global pandemic with interest emerging in sustainability, lowering the cost of living, getting closer to nature and more time for home projects. Depending on the space and the produce you want to grow, edible gardens can be created almost anywhere; in pots, raised garden beds, or even kerbside. Natural pavers like Amber’s Granite Twilight or our Tumbled Bluestone are durable and ideal for edging garden beds in on-trend, darker colour tones.

Family Friendly

Thinking ahead to create a garden that can upsize and downsize as your family’s needs change over time is smart. As your life changes think about how you can change the backyard space to meet your needs, take building a sandpit for the kids for example. You could consider a product from Amber’s extensive range of concrete garden wall blocks rather than timber, the children’s sandpit could later become the family’s veggie garden or outdoor fire pit.

Darker Colours

Colour trends are not reserved for interiors. From fencing to pavers, incorporating on-trend finishes into your outdoor space will ensure it feels fresh and modern for years to come. The right colours can also help to enhance your garden’s best features and make your outdoor area feel larger than it is. A simple way to update your outdoor space is by painting the fences. Opting for a charcoal or a darker colour, makes the fences recede, you can also incorporate charcoal pavers like Amber’s Terrain Nero pavers to give the illusion of more space.

“Creating an effortless extension from indoor to outdoor living is what the Australian summer is all about!”

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