The Outlook is Bright


With these commercial-grade outdoor televisions, you can enjoy clear, vivid colour in direct sunlight.

Whether it’s for watching the footie or the kids’ favourite movie, an outdoor TV is now a fixture of many alfresco living spaces. For the best results, it needs to be placed under cover but if you want something that’s tailor-made to work in direct sunlight, a Solid Display Systems’ screen is it.

So how do these screens differ? Well, usually only commercial screens can be easily seen in outdoor locations, but Solid Display Systems’ outdoor TVs provide a clear and vivid picture in bright sunlight — and at a distance. This is because the LED screens on these commercial-grade TVs are fundamentally different to other LED outdoor TVs currently on the market.

The off-the-shelf LED TVs, which do not provide clear picture quality in bright sunlight, should more accurately be called LED backlit LCD screens. Solid Display Systems’ TVs, on the other hand, consist of tiny RGB LEDs which are strong enough to push light through sunlight.

Basically, the higher the NIT (which is a measurement of how much light a TV screen sends to your eyes within a given area) the brighter the screen. Store-bought outdoor TVs range from 700 to 2500 NITS. Solid Display Systems’ outdoor TVs have 5000 NITS, so provide superior performance in full sunlight locations.

The typical screen size of a Solid Display Systems’ outdoor TV is 2000mm x 1000mm, which is well suited to the home garden, entertaining space or pool area, but the size and resolution of the screens can be customised to suit your outdoor space and the viewing distance.
Solid Display Systems produces a TV screen that is fully waterproof, as is the high-grade, party-strength sound bar. The unit has HDMI inputs for the usual devices (set-top boxes, Foxtel, Chromecast, etc.) and because there is no glass cover on the weatherproof screen, there is no glare.

For maximum flexibility, the TVs are also available in a variety of mounting options. Depending on your needs, you can wall-mount the screen, choose single-post mounting or select the rotating option. In addition, each low-maintenance screen comes with a padded vinyl cover.
With more than 10 years’ experience in outdoor commercial LED screens, which includes electronic scoreboards for sports clubs, video walls for retail outlets, and digital signage, you can be assured that Solid Display Systems’ technology is industry-leading. This family-run business designs its own screens and all fabrication is done in-house, which means a close eye is kept on quality at all times.

As these are commercial-grade TVs, they are not the cheapest option but they are highly durable, purpose-designed and -built units that give you the adaptability to locate an outdoor TV in an exposed area without loss of colour or brightness.

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