The Smart Way to Mow


Robotic mowers are transforming the way people mow their lawns.

Forget firing up the old push lawn mower on a Saturday morning. More and more homeowners are harnessing the power of robotic lawn mowers to do the time consuming task of mowing, whilst they enjoy spending more time on what brings them joy — and their popularity is only growing.

Leading the market are Swedish manufacturers, Husqvarna. They’ve been at the forefront of
automated mowing technology since creating the very first robotic mower 28 years ago. Two
decades on, Husqvarna’s Automower® range boasts over 11 models, with retail prices starting at an affordable $1399rrp.

automated mowing technology
Effortless mowing

Purchasing a robotic mower, which can be controlled via an app on a smartphone, has been a game-changer for busy homeowners Brian and Jennifer Whiteman, who have a busy schedule and live on just over three acres. Though their property is elevated and undulating, their Automower hasn’t skipped a beat, tackling the sizable area with ease and efficiency — all
without them having to lift a finger.

“With the Automower Connect app, it doesn’t matter where we are — we can be travelling
around the world, and I can check in,” Brian explains. “It will come in and charge through the day and go back out, so you don’t need to do anything.”

Automower Connect app
Control from your phone

Owners who invest in automated robotic mowers are able to adjust mowing settings depending
on the season and weather conditions from the convenience of their smartphones, monitoring
the machine’s progress as it does its business. They can also change the cutting height — all
from their handheld device.

“The Automower® just takes the top of the grass off and mulches that back into the soil,” Brian
explains. “I often just sit back & look across the top of the grass, and it’s always just level perfect grass, everywhere I look.”

Unlock hours of free time
Unlock hours of free time

With models designed to suit your lawn, no matter the size, shape or slope, there are no surprises why lawn care professionals to everyday homeowners are reclaiming precious time and updating to this clever new technology.

“It’s turned our lifestyle right around,” Brian admits. “We are really busy people and now we’ve got our time back: family time, entertaining time and work time.”

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