The timber touch: outdoor decking


Give your poolscape a lift with this quality natural material

A luxurious poolscape is created when a beautiful pool is surrounded by an equally outstanding landscape. It can be difficult to determine exactly what is needed to perfect your poolside, but often the decking can be the most striking element. With decking and timber features that are well cared for and tastefully designed, a polished and elegant finish is the likely outcome.

Versatile enough to be used for decks, pergolas, prominent features or furniture, timber continues to play a vital role in the modern landscape. The effect can be as subtle as incorporating an element of polish into a more rustic space, or as bold as using timber to give your landscape a special lift. A practical but elegant decking area, large striking woodwork and intricate timber designs are just some of the ways timber can enhance both the look and feel of the entire poolscape.

Whether you want to feature timber as an understated or breathtaking element, it is vital to ensure its natural alluring beauty is maintained. Caring for timber is essential for aesthetic perfection and poolside functionality. This can be easily achieved with the Sikkens range of high-quality woodcare products. For decks, cladding, fences, outdoor furniture, windows and doors choose from the Sikkens Exterior Woodcare range which is designed to provide unrivaled looks, durability and performance on all types of exterior wood.

Sikkens Woodcare products protect timber surfaces from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays and because the finishes are transparent, they highlight the natural beauty of the timber and its woodgrain features. Sikkens is one of the first innovative woodcare range that is microporous allowing the timber to breathe while repelling unwanted moisture, making it ideally suited for both interior and exterior timber in and around your home.

Complement your pool with a stunning decking or timber feature that is well maintained and you will enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your poolscape.

Sikkens is available through most specialist paint and hardware stores.

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