Lock and tension your Zipscreen shade for a glass-like finish


Ultra-lock helps to keep your Zipscreen shade secure and taut with no ripples for a perfect clear view, even on breezy days

Enjoy a comfortable outdoor living area any time of year with Zipscreen™ outdoor shades.

This contemporary shade solution, perfect for your pergola, undercover decked area or balcony, can be upgraded to include a state-of-the-art Ultra-Lock. Ultra-Lock’s patented, in-built technology only requires one quick and simple action to lock and tension your shades, resulting in increased stability and a taut fabric finish. Whether you opt for the versatile manual spring-controlled, traditional crank-operated or fully motorised option, the innovative Ultra-Lock locks and tensions the shade when completely closed.

A motorised Zipscreen outdoor shade with Ultra-lock, adds a touch of luxury and creates the ultimate operating solution by automatically closing, locking and tensioning with one simple touch of a button. Use our dedicated Automate Pulse APP on your smart phone to control your shade, with the added functionality to set custom timers or scenes to automatically close and lock your shades to suit your lifestyle.

Ultra-lock helps to keep your Zipscreen shade secure and taut with no ripples for a perfect clear view, even on breezy days, extending your home living space. Ultra-Lock’s fabric tensioning feature results in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, glass-look finish for your shades, perfect for the modern home. The comfort and ease of use means you can spend more time entertaining and less time worrying about the weather or outdoor elements.

Rollease Acmeda offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on Zipscreen hardware. A Zipscreen shade seamlessly integrates your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas providing the ultimate outdoor shade solution for your home.

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