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A Comprehensive Makeover For Those With A Love For Entertaining


A tired backyard has been given a new lease on life with an exquisite pool and landscape renovation

A love of entertaining drove the owners of this Newport home to bring their backyard up to date with a comprehensive makeover. The backyard originally featured a kidney-shaped pool, a large patch of grass and brick pavers. It lacked cohesion and no longer matched the house, suggesting it was time for a makeover. The owners called in the experts at Kookaburra Pools to renovate the entire space, including the pool.

a comprehensive makeover

“Our aim was to follow the clients’ request to make the space flow and provide them with a great area for regular barbecues and entertaining,” says Alex from Kookaburra Pools. With primary-school-aged children, it was important to incorporate a grass area for outdoor play, a visual connection to the pool from other areas of the backyard, and a few different zones to give each spot a purpose. “The homeowners left a lot of the design to us and trusted us to come up with a concept that would suit their needs.”

The kidney-shaped pool was already raised out of the ground. While Alex and the homeowners initially considered raising the ground level to the same height as the pool, they decided to leave it and turn the height difference into a unique retro feature. A large concrete slab was poured and the pool surrounds were paved with a neutral and timeless travertine. The interior of the pool was lined with Santorini Beadcrete, while Layla Mosaic Fiji tiles were applied around the waterline.

Kookaburra Pools also designed and built the partition wall that separates the pool area from the back entertaining zone. A firepit was incorporated to give the backyard atmosphere in the evenings as well as another fun entertaining feature to complete the comprehensive makeover.


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