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What you need to know about adding pool steps


One of the great advantages of an in-ground concrete swimming pool is flexibility when it comes to adding additional features such as steps and ledges

Features such as swimming pool steps and ledges can be customised to suit your individual needs when choosing a concrete swimming pool. This flexibility is especially important on smaller properties where there are limited access options.

Swimming pool steps

Steps can be designed to meet a great range of configurations and styles. A concrete swimming pool typically has three entry steps at the shallow end, with rounded edges and corners for safety, but the actual design and layout largely depend on the needs of the customer.

Many customers also choose to extend the second step at a depth of approximately 600mm as an additional activity zone. Another popular style is what we call ‘wedding cake’ steps in the corner of the pool. These are rounded so you can enter from either the left or right.

Steps usually have the same lining as the pool, such as pebble creek or fully titled. If fully titled, Crystal Pools recommends a non-slip tile on the edges. As with ledges, all steps need to be fitted with a tread-line tile.

Swimming pool ledges

Ledges are becoming more and more popular. Around 95 per cent of our clients opt for a ledge so the pool can be used for multiple purposes.

Also known as tanning ledges or swim-out shelves, ledges form a wide, shallow platform that provides a place to play, relax and cool off without submerging yourself fully into the water. A ledge in the deep end is a popular choice as it acts as a hand-hold, providing additional safety for youngsters. Pool ledges have a number of benefits:

A great feature for kids of all ages; perfect for toddlers to splash and grow accustomed to the water. As they get older, the ledge becomes a fantastic launching platform for their floating toys.

Ideal for the big kids too; parents can relax while supervising kids and it’s also ideal for those who like to laze near the pool without getting fully submerged. Just the thing for pool parties.

Provide some optional shading and equip with sun lounges and it will quickly become a favourite spot for all.

Ledges can be fitted with spa jets.

Ledges can be straight or curved and maintain a consistent depth of approximately 500mm. While ledges can be designed to fit your needs, they are typically between 400mm to 600mm wide.

All ledges should be fitted with a step-tread tile to ensure the edge is highly visible from above and below the water.

Beach entries

Perfect for a tropical-themed backyard, a beach-entry pool brings a bit of the tropics to your backyard. In concrete pools, beach entries are an extended ledge rather than a gradual slope.

The key benefits of a beach entry are:

Easier access for kids and older people with accessibility issues as there are no steps or ladders to navigate.

It provides a great paddle place for toddlers and a great way for adults to supervise.

Creates a tropical holiday or resort feel.

Andrew Rothery is the sales and marketing manager at Crystal Pools. The company has been building pools in Australia for more than 60 years and has won over 220 major state, national and international pool awards. 

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