Smart symmetry: a pool, spa and wading area in one

Smart symmetry: a pool, spa and wading area in one


A sensible design that combines a pool, spa and wading area all in one body of water makes maintenance a breeze

With a keen eye for design and a background in landscaping, the owners of this Spence, ACT property knew exactly what they wanted their backyard to look like from the very beginning. The homeowners, a husband and wife, needed a pool big enough for their two young children to learn how to swim, but they also wanted a sizable outdoor entertaining space. Even though the property was a generous 1000m², due to the positioning of the home, scale was still important to make sure the size of the pool didn’t compromise the rest of the backyard.

Capital Fibreglass Pools worked with the homeowners to find the right pool to suit the family’s needs. The 9.6m x 4.4m Brooklyn pool by Barrier Reef Pools was chosen because of its simple, rectangular shape and the fact that it has three different areas all incorporated in the same pool shape. “The Brooklyn pool is part of a new range from Barrier Reef Pools, which features a pool, spa and wading section all combined in one body of water, making it easy to look after, heat and sanitise”, says Simon Gainey, owner of Capital Fibreglass Pools. “You can independently heat and filter the spa when required,” he adds.

Mindful of protecting their young children’s skin and eyes, the owners opted for a MagnaPool system instead of a more typical chlorine or saltwater one. MagnaPool is a blend of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride that keeps the pool clean and healthy without causing irritation to the hair, skin and eyes. The blend can also help alleviate aches and pains, which is a welcome benefit of using the pool and spa.

“The block sloped approximately 400m to one corner, so we built up the area to lift the pool. We also lifted the outdoor space approximately 600m,” explains Simon. The raised undercover entertaining area adds depth to the project and visually creates a separate zone for relaxing and lounging. “In this project, it was important for us to be able to visualise space and finish heights in order to create a streamlined look and a functional outdoor space,” he adds.

It’s clear to see how Capital Fibreglass Pools has been able to share the homeowners’ vision and work cohesively as a team to bring this concept to life.

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Capital Fibreglass Pools has been designing and building award-winning pools for more than 27 years in the ACT and surrounding area. The company conducts an extensive consultation process with new clients to ascertain their wishes and requirements. Capital Fibreglass Pools is an expert in in-floor cleaning, MagnaPool systems, underground blankets and full turnkey projects (including landscaping, fencing etc). A multi-award-winning company, Capital Fibreglass Pools has been voted 2017 SPASA Fibreglass Pool Builder of the Year in NSW and the ACT. Other noteworthy awards include gold for NSW State Residential Fibreglass Pool over $60,000, and gold for NSW State Fibreglass Pool and Spa Combination, among many others.

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