Crystal clear glass fencing

Make sure your glass fencing looks its best

Glass surfaces have really come into their own, fuelled by our love of outdoor living and products that bring the outdoors in. The transparent, unobtrusive nature of glass pool fencing allows for uninterrupted views from any vantage point, whether it be indoors or out.

However, preserving that sought-after, open-plan look can be a challenge when glass is exposed to the elements. Glass pool fencing is subject to constant splashing from chlorinated, salt or bore water, which corrodes and etches the surface over time. Untreated glass is highly porous and, as a result, it absorbs contaminants that cause deterioration and discolouration as the glass ages.

For instance, automatic pool cleaners can splash chlorinated water onto the glass pool fence, which is then baked on by the sun. This subsequently corrodes the glass surface, making cleaning more frequent and extremely difficult.

To ease the nuisance of frequent scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners, and guard against staining and etching, the solution is EnduroShield Protective Coating for Glass. EnduroShield is an ultra-thin, non-stick coating that completely adheres to the glass surface and provides protection that will both repel stains and reduce cleaning time.

Even if your glass is already heavily stained, EnduroShield has the answer! Glass that has been damaged by salt, chlorine and hard water can be restored to a near-new finish. The exciting new EnduroShield Glass Restoration System eliminates the buildup of minerals such as iron, calcium and lime scale, hazing and staining, which can be near impossible to remove using conventional methods and domestic household cleaners.

The EnduroShield Glass Restoration System is able to restore all glass surfaces to their original lustre. It protects and seals the porous surface and reduces cleaning time by up to 90 per cent — all at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass — and is also backed by a 10-year warranty.

All EnduroShield products are Australian-made and environmentally friendly. EnduroShield is perfect for glass pool fencing and is also available for stainless-steel surfaces such as railings, clamps and barbecues.




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