Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Your guide to controlling pool algae

There are more than 65,000 species of algae known to humankind. Approximately 50 of these may be found in your pool water.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Your guide to controlling pool algae

While pool algae can never be totally eliminated, it can be controlled. Common pool algae vary from the ‘mustard’ green/yellow type that exists in suspension, to the green clinging, ‘black spot’, which is actually dark green/black.

The latter builds a protective barrier of impervious wax around itself and is particularly difficult to remove when it colonises. Algae may develop in crevices or corners where circulation is poor, but will be highly unlikely to form if chlorine residual has been maintained at all times and circulation is adequate.

For this purpose, an automatic pool cleaner and an automatic chlorinator are excellent combatants to algae. Pool cleaners also help to prevent algae growing by physically preventing it from clinging to pool walls. In dry conditions the algae plant dries up into spores and is carried by the wind. Once a spore finds favourable conditions for growth, it flourishes and regenerates every 20 minutes. Chlorine is the most effective algaecide, as it will prevent algae from forming if you maintain correct sanitiser levels.

Swimart’s 10 steps to removing algae:

1. Adjust the pH to approximately 7.0 to 7.2.
2. Backwash or clean the filter.
3. Add the appropriate dosage of Aqua-Health™
Algatrol Concentrate.
4. Add Aqua-Health™ Pool Shock to the pool water.
5. Commence regular brushing of pool wall, floor and
steps area.
6. In severely infested pools, steps 2 and 3 may need
7. When algae has disappeared, take a sample of your
pool water along to your local Swimart Pool and Spa
store so that a professional can assist in re-balancing
your pool water.
8. Aqua-Health™ Aquashine may be required to assist
the filtration system to filter out dead algae.
9. Clean or backwash the filter thoroughly – it may
be necessary in the case of D.E / Perlite filters to
strip the filter down and clean the pads with Aqua-
Health™ Natural Filter Cleaner.
10. To prevent algae recurring, add an appropriate dose
of Aqua-Health™ Concide.

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