A resort style chic pool with beautiful simplicity


Designed to resemble a private resort, this chic style pool and landscape design embodies a beautiful simplicity

When viewing this Sydney North Shore project, it is hard to imagine the enormous issues that arose in the initial building approval and construction stages.

“The steeply sloping site posed problems as the project could only be designed with a substantially elevated swimming pool and therefore was in direct conflict with council planning policy. In addition the neighbours of the clients organised a neighbourhood petition to object to the proposal,” reflects Shaun Wright, senior designer of award-winning A Total Concept Landscape Architects and Pool Designers. “We negotiated with the council for over a year to get the project approved in the form we required rather than compromise on a design that would ultimately not work as well for the clients and their property.”

“Once we obtained the building approval, we thought all of the client’s problems were over so we proceeded to have the project specified and tendered, and finalised the contracts for the pool and landscaping. However, on the first day that construction commenced, the disgruntled neighbours lodged a complaint to the council and continued to do so throughout the construction process. This caused unnecessary delays. Ultimately, we were able to successfully guide the clients through the complex starting processes with minimal pain.”

When investing in a pool and landscape package, most clients look for value and quality. They look for a pool that is striking due to the finer details rather than the overall size. This project epitomises this way of thinking. The teal Italian glass tiles in the swimming pool beautifully harmonise with the pool and house lights at night and mirror the surrounding gardens during the day. The innovative in-water tanning shelf extends the paved area into the pool space and provides room for two lounge chairs. The owners can now enjoy the pool atmosphere without having to actually get wet. The chunky square edges of the coping add shadows and emphasise the elevated nature of the pool.

A Total Concept wanted to do something a little bit different with this project. Rather than including an alfresco area, the company designed the space so that the lawn and the lush surrounding foliage could be used as an entertainment and a relaxation area.

“Using lawn for the entertaining and relaxation areas around the pool provides something a bit different to a paving alternative, at a fraction of the price,” Shaun explains.

A Total Concept also designed the garden. As it is predominantly viewed from above, Shaun incorporated plants which contained strong colours and brightened the atomosphere. Simple bands of Syzygium Cascade Lilly Pilly, Anigozanthes Red Kangaroo Paws, Westringia fruticosa Coastal Rosemary, Ophiopogon jaburan Giant Mondo Grass and Phormium Dwarf Flax created a flourishing garden that merges beautifully with the home and the pool.

A Total Concept has managed to create an innovative and beautifully integrated private resort through visual simplicity of design and the use of quality materials.


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Originally from Poolside Showcase magazine Volume 19

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