Formal pool and landscape design

This modern outdoor area uses a formal pool and landscape design beautifully to compliment and connect with the home.

A formal landscape design from Bayon Gardens.

A modern pool design from Bayon Gardens.

A formal landscape design from Bayon Gardens.

A modern landscape design from Bayon Gardens.

A modern landscape design from Bayon Gardens.

Wherever you are inside this residence, you have a sense of being connected to the outside spaces because from every window there is an enticing view of a beautifully landscaped courtyard or garden space. The design was a collaboration between Darren and Katrina Mountain of Mountain Homes Pty Ltd and Sean Dowling of Bayon Gardens Pty Ltd.

Of modern formal design, the individual courtyards and outdoor spaces, all of which were built by Bayon Gardens, that surround the home feature carefully considered planting schemes which provide shade in summer and allow natural light to flood the home in winter. The front-garden layout is formal, yet the planting is quite relaxed. Along the fence line, Teddy Bear magnolias soften the change of levels, ornamental pears are used as feature trees, and ficus form an informal hedge in front of the house. These plantings are complemented by a low English box hedge along the pathway, which adds definition to the design.

In the large rear courtyard, the feature tree is a deciduous Manchurian pear while more compact-growing, shade-tolerant deciduous Japanese maples were selected for the kitchen courtyard and small rear courtyard. In the feature gardens around the swimming pool, there are crab apple trees and along the boundary adjacent to the pool is a row of weeping lilly pillies, which soften the landscape and screen the fence. Other key plantings include the Portuguese laurel, found next to the pool and in the kitchen courtyard.

Travertine was used for the steps, pathways and paved areas around the pool. The look is soft and natural and is offset by the lush green of the lawn and copious plantings, as well as the black-painted fence. The light colour of the classic travertine also works with the exterior colours of the home.

Frameless-glass pool fencing makes the rear garden feel as open and spacious as possible and allows uninterrupted views from the home to the pool and landscaped spaces. The exterior and pool lighting make the pool area a joy to use at night. Uplighting of feature trees creates focal points that add to the ambience of the nightscape.

Says Sean Dowling of Bayon Gardens: “We were extremely happy to deliver this project in line with the clients’ brief and our core company values. Bayon Gardens is a leading landscape company dedicated to creating beautiful, tranquil and functional outdoor solutions for everyday living. As a customer service-focused company, Bayon Gardens’ high-quality finishes and workmanship ensures that every completed project speaks for itself.”


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Photography by Patrick Redmond

“Point of View” from Outdoor Design & Living magazine 27

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