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Fresh, flawless and super-quiet: pool pump


This pool pump will leave your pool sparkling clean

Davey’s latest and best high-efficiency ProMaster VSD Eco-series pool pump is ideal for today’s swimming pools. This ProMaster is an innovation from traditional pool pumps in a variety of ways:

  • The ProMaster pool pump provides fully variable speed selection, giving pool owners total control over the operating speed from 1500 rpm to 3600 rpm
  • A unique water-cooled motor captures noise and vibrations, which enables super-quiet operation and rates the noise down to 50 dBa at the lowest speed
    The ProMaster is equipped with a selectable two-minute backwash cycle that offers safe, reliable and easy operation of the pump when backwashing the media filter
  • Automatic restart technology automatically restarts the pump and runs it normally after 30 minutes if a fault occurs
  • This eco-series pool pump provides an outstanding eight-star energy efficiency and saves up to 70 per cent off energy bills compared with a traditional fixed-speed 1hp pump

In addition to these amazing features, a unique self-adjusting control system slows down the speed of the pump to prevent it from overheating. An added feature of the product is the locked rotor protection mechanism, which shuts down the pump within five seconds.

To save pool owners from frequent cleaning, the large 4.5L leaf basket reduces the amount of cleaning required, meaning more time to enjoy the pool and less time cleaning it.

Equipped with patented water-cooled technology, the Davey ProMaster not only reduces noise, but returns wasted heat to the pool and reduces installation clearances by eradicating the cooling fan. Pool owners can also enjoy more flexibility and convenience of pump positioning without worrying about air ventilation. Davey has developed this high-quality variable frequency drive in conjunction with Vacon, a world leader in AC drives and inverter technology.

What’s more, ProMaster incorporates unique loss of prime protection to minimise pump damage if no water is available to the pump. This loss of prime and dry-run protection shuts down the pump after a safe predetermined factory-set period.

The Davey ProMaster VSD pool pump works alongside filtration, suction and in-floor pool cleaning systems, as well as water features, spa jet operation, gas and heat pump spa and solar pool heating, for a complete pool package.

For more information on Davey’s innovative ProMaster VSD pool pump, see your nearest Davey dealer. The extensive network of dealers across Australia has products, fittings and accessories on hand to ensure you have everything you need.

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Originally in Poolside Showcase, Volume 23