Harbour view: a glass infinity-edge pool


The spectacular Sydney Harbour can be enjoyed in all its glory from this glass infinity-edge pool in the eastern suburbs

For this family’s very steep waterfront block, which boasts stunning multi-million-dollar harbour views, a glass infinity-edge pool design was chosen and brought to fruition by Artesian Pools.

It not only fulfils the family’s need for an entertaining space, it also capitalises on the spectacular outlook. The company is a firm believer in making the most out of the available space and taking advantage of the natural focal points of each property, and this rectangular pool and its enviable location in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is no exception. “The pool is located as close to the water as possible to take advantage of the harbour views,” explains Zeb Rodrigues of Artesian Pools. “All of the available space has been utilised and the addition of the cabana means there are facilities close to the pool.”

Despite the site’s exquisite beauty, its location did prove problematic. The 16m-long geometric pool was constructed below sea level and the limited access meant the excavator and materials had to be delivered by barge.

Overjoyed with the final result, this family can now bask in the Sydney sunshine and enjoy daily views of the harbour city that many residents can only dream about.

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