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Lighting ideas for your outdoor space


Transform your outdoor space with these lighting ideas and illuminate

The Spa Electrics iRIS lighting controller will completely transform the way in which you use your outdoor space. The hardest decision will be choosing between the stunning colours and multi-colour modes. Sit back and enjoy tranquil blues and whites, upbeat disco modes or the beautiful colours of the Australian sunset. Personalise your pool with the unique brightness control feature; select between various levels of brightness for the perfect lighting effect to complement your outdoors.

Experience control from anywhere in your home with the iRIS’ long-range RF; controlling your pool lights has never been easier. Simply pick your desired colour on the iRIS’ sleek and slimline touch-screen remote and the smart technology will do the rest for you.

Are you ready to take illumination one step further?

Spa Electrics has released the all-new MATRIX range of LED strip lights. Featuring all the elements that you love about its pool lights, Spa Electrics has now developed a range of landscape and water blade strip lights, designed to highlight landscape and water features. MATRIX is available in the signature MULTIPLUS LED (RGB + W), which allows for complete integration with your Spa Electrics pool lights and the iRIS lighting controller. Take illumination to the next level with these lighting ideas by Spa Electrics.

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