Waterco Manufactures the World’s First Microfibre Pool Broom


Aqua Fingers® invented by stay-at-home mum set to revolutionise the pool industry.

Pool product manufacturer Waterco (ASX:WAT) has released a world-first swimming pool broom engineered specifically for smooth surface pools. Designed by stay-at-home mum Connie Gerace and licensed and manufactured exclusively by Waterco, the granted patent Aqua Fingers® is set to revolutionise the industry by making pool maintenance quicker and easier.

“This is a truly innovative addition to the pool cleaning accessories category,” says group marketing director Bryan Goh. “Nylon pool brooms have been in circulation for 80 years and consumers haven’t had a choice of broom that better suits the make of their pool, until now.”

Unlike traditional pool brooms which are made from heavy-duty nylon bristles, Aqua Fingers® uses premium microfibre chenille to gently remove dirt and algae. This makes cleaning smoothed surfaces such as fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools more efficient as extra surface area is covered by the revolutionary attachment. ​

Furthermore, Aqua Fingers is made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which enables pool owners to clean hard-to-reach places.

Stay-at-home mum’s lightbulb moment

In January 2017, Connie Gerace from Abbotsbury in Western Sydney, NSW returned home from a four-day vacation to find her fibreglass pool was lined with algae on the walls and floor. ​

“I tried sweeping it off with my pool broom, but it proved unsuccessful,” she recalls. “The next day I called our local pool guy to come over and after treating it with chlorine, I asked if there was a better way to clean it. He replied, ‘If you come up with an idea, let me know.’ That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head.”

That night, Connie tied a microfibre cloth to a broom and used it to wipe away the algae on the surface of her pool. “I could see it working and, even though I had no idea where to start, I believed in my idea.”

After developing a prototype with an industrial designer and pitching her idea to industry experts, Connie approached Waterco’s R&D division, including domestic water care product manager George Flory and senior engineer Pradeep Tandon, who immediately saw the potential in her unique invention.

“As a pool owner, I know how important it is to keep it clean, inviting and easy to maintain,” she says. “With Aqua Fingers®, all it takes is a quick sweep to dislodge dirt or algae.”

Special features of Waterco’s Aqua Fingers® fibreglass pool broom:

  • Made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which makes it easier to clean curved corners, ridges, crevices and steps
  • Premium microfibre chenille attachment is gentle on smooth surfaces
  • Flexible toggles manoeuvre freely, dislodging particles from tight areas
  • Ideal for cleaning fibreglass, tiled and vinyl-lined pools
  • Can be used to clean glass pool fences, glass windows and pool covers

Aqua Fingers® is stocked in Swimart, one of Australasia’s largest network of pool and spa retail outlets, which has 73 outlets around Australia. It retails for $55.00.

Aqua Fingers® has patents pending in New Zealand, Europe, the United Kingdom, and USA.

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