high-quality pool fittings

Pool Fittings That Are Built To Last


High-quality pool fittings that are built to last

When building your dream pool, there are a few things you want to include for quality and longevity. Most people won’t choose the cheapest pool equipment (such as heater or filter) and will make sure the tiles and pavers are not going to break on first use. Pool fittings, however, are sometimes less considered but are equally as important.

Traditional pool and spa fittings are made from white or coloured PVC and, over time, they break down or discolour due to chemical and UV exposure. Flolux offers consumers another choice: high-quality, marine-grade pool and spa fittings that are made from high-polished, 316L stainless steel, which not only looks great but are solely built to last.

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Flolux fittings have a mirror finish that exudes sophistication and also blends well with the pool interior. This is particularly beneficial for darker pools, where white or light PVC fittings draw attention to the wrong aspects of the design. The fittings are solid and heavier so you can literally feel the difference. They’re available in push-fit and threaded systems, making them easy to install as part of the initial build, or retrospectively, and are suitable for concrete and fibreglass pools, spas and water features. The range consists of 40mm and 50mm directional eyeball returns, safety suctions, air diffusers and air venturi controls.

Leading builders worldwide use the Flolux range to impress their clients or provide the option of a stainless-steel fitting as a contract variation. To ensure your pool is as gorgeous in real life as it is in the design plans, ensure your builder uses Flolux fittings (now available at Reece Irrigation & Pools, Pool Ranger and Narellan Pools).


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