Curved Limestone Coping

A Special Curved Limestone Coping Completes this Project


Curves are very on-trend this year, however when it comes down to executing design plans with gorgeous curves, quite often builders can run into difficulties sourcing suitable products to make the curved designs work in reality.

In this situation, a perfectly round spa and oval-shaped pool required special curved limestone coping to create a perfectly executed look.

The Belgium Blue limestone by SAI Stone is an ultra-high-density limestone that is safe for use around salt water. This limestone lasts longer and suffers minimal salt water-induced problems (especially with regular freshwater cleaning).

Curved Limestone Coping

This product is one of the few limestones that has been rated “exposure grade” when tested against salt water by the ASTM International (which is the standards organisation for testing and materials).

“The stone is finished with a sandblasting treatment, giving the stone coping a smooth yet grippy surface,” says Hunter Li from SAI Stone. “It’s also rated P5 which is the highest anti-slip rating.”

SAI Stone pavers and sandstone coping stone are leading options for swimming pool and spa surrounds because of their anti-slip properties, perfect colour contrast with water, and ideal for landscaping with a salt-tolerant solution.

Curved Limestone Coping

SAI offers a one-stop solution for curved pool customers and pool builders. Using a digital templating service and a shop drawing, you’ll receive pool coping matched to your pool curve in 10 to 12 weeks.

Whether you’re building a brand-new fibreglass pool, renovating an old concrete pool or designing a fully customised concrete pool, SAI has got you covered.

SAI Stone was established in 2005 and specialises in outdoor natural stone. The company supplies stone to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. End-users engage with SAI Stone’s recommended pool builders and landscapers to have their stonework carried out.

Curved Limestone Coping

The company won a SPASA gold award for six consecutive years as a natural stone supplier for Best In-Situ Paving or Stone Product. It is also a member of ASAA (the Australian Stone Advisory Association).

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