Product showcase: a look at glass fencing

Product showcase: a look at glass fencing


This company specialise in the design, supply and installation of glass fencing, pool safety glass, privacy screens and balustrade products

Dimension One Glass Fencing are able to provide a solution, which uses the latest products at affordable prices, tailored to your individual situation. With each fencing or balustrade project being unique, Dimension One Glass Fencing will prepare a free, no obligation offer to purchase/quotation, specific to your project and needs.

Complete glass pool fencing solutions

Their vast portfolio includes:
• Glass fences
• Glass privacy screens
• Glass balustrades for inside or outside of the home
• Pool windows
• Pool walls
• Glass water features

Dimension One Glass Fencing provide the design and installation of custom pool fences.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Protect your pool and your family with a safe and durable frameless glass pool fence. Dimension One Glass Fencing sets the industry benchmark by using 12mm frameless toughened glass fencing in a variety of choices and configurations. Dimension One Glass Fencing use the latest technology and products — at very affordable prices — that meet and even exceed the Australian Standards AS1926, AS2820 and AS1288.

Benefits include:
• Invites light in while keeping the noise and wind out, all with an unobtrusive design and construction that allows you to see through the fence
• No requirement for pins through the glass panel as the spigots are clamped onto the glass panel which enables adjustments to be made easily if necessary
• Preparation and installation costs are minimized as there is no need for a channel in the concrete
• Because the glass panels are raised from the paving or decking, water and debris can pass underneath the glass fence ensuring that scum does not build up on the bottom of the glass panels (which may lead to scratching whilst cleaning)

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Dimension One Semi-Frameless glass fencing system provides an unobtrusive safety barrier that doesn’t impact on the surrounding view.

Benefits include:
• Semi-frameless fencing blends with the natural bush surroundings giving you a seamless modern glass fence at an affordable price
• Dimension One Glass Fencing sets the industry benchmark by 10mm semi-frameless toughened glass
• Semi-frameless fencing can be deck mounted or core drilled into paving
• With wind rated posts and certified 10mm toughened safety glass, no additional site preparation is required to install your modern new fence.
• The glass is easy to clean, providing a non-corrosive and maintenance free addition to your outdoor environment

A Dimension One Glass Fence is adaptable and can accommodate different types of terrain as well as sloped, stepped, and curved walls. All glass pool fences are designed and built with strength and robustness to provide optimum safety and security for your family.

Glass Balustrades

Features of glass balustrade systems include:
• Enable you to have a safe and secure balustrade with the brilliance of an uninterrupted view
• Spigot mount, face fixed, channel set or semi frameless fixing posts – a system that suits your requirement can be designed and supplied. Each method of balustrade fixing delivers its own unique advantages
• Side mounted frameless glass balustrades are mounted to the side of the glass using 316 Marine grade stainless steel pins

Pool Walls

Glass pool windows give you the opportunity to “see through” walls, which makes them great for small spaces.

• Glass windows enables more natural lighting to be introduced into the space making it seemingly larger and lighter.
• Pool walls are also great for observation and were originally introduced as a viewing method for swimming and diving coaches.
• Glass thickness starts from 12mm toughened glass; an engineer determines the glass thickness required before installation.
• The glass is set into concrete, no framing is required

All Dimension One Glass Fencing’s swimming pool fences and products are manufactured and installed to meet the stringent Australian Standards for pool Fencing. Dimension One Glass Fencing is proud to provide you with a comprehensive industry leading warranty, ensuring that your new fence is the best quality fence available.