Seamlessly Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living with a Contemporary Pool and Spa Project


A contemporary custom-designed pool and spa project seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor living, as well as the property’s modern and traditional elements.

Creating an outdoor entertainment space that enhances the value of a client’s home and enriches the joy it brings them is essential for Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes. Every space that the company builds needs to be aesthetically pleasing, with a seamless flow between the pool, house and landscape. For these Mosman homeowners, a young Sydney family who enjoy entertaining, it was no different and involved a collaborative process with the company.

A contemporary custom-designed pool

“The homeowners envisaged a seamless space to allow for indoor/outdoor living and entertainment,” says Rob Rooney, founding director of Equilibrium Pools & Landscapes. To bring their custom-designed vision to life, the company worked within the constraints of the property’s existing old concrete swimming pool and spa that were tired, dated and needed to be removed and replaced.

The Mosman clients had a strong desire for a raised, glass-walled, fully tiled spa connected to a poolside lounging space. With the spa exuding a contemporary aesthetic, and the home being more traditional, the subtle placement of the spa and connection to the modern 9m-long rectangular pool were important.

With the spa exuding a contemporary aesthetic

In addition to the fully tiled pool, a couple of different lounging zones were created to allow multiple uses and fulfil the clients’ love of entertaining. These include decked areas adorned with dassoCTECH bamboo, and spaces tiled with porcelain travertine.

“Great pool design considers the ways clients want to enjoy their swimming pool and the surrounding landscaped areas,” says Rob. “We also believe good design is thorough, especially down to the finer details, ensuring longevity for our clients. We specialise in designing and building fully customised, high-quality concrete swimming pools and spas. Our clients value the care we take with every pool design and our ability to help them achieve spectacular pool areas to suit their lifestyle. Throughout every stage of the pool design and construction, our clients will be fully informed to ensure the custom-designed concrete swimming pool meets their requirements and enhances their lifestyle. We are sincere when we say we can design and build any size, shape or type of swimming pool.”

clients will be fully informed to ensure the custom-designed concrete swimming pool

Rob has more than 20 years of industry experience and is one of Sydney’s leading experts in swimming pool and landscape construction. His meticulous attention to detail, as well as his ability to anticipate potential construction obstacles, has made Rob a highly sought-after consultant and project supervisor.

Licensed Swimming Pool Builder

“Our pool building services extend across the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, inner west, city and areas in the Hills district of Sydney,” says Rob. “We build 20 custom-designed-and-constructed pools a year.”

The company’s specialty is structural landscape and swimming pool construction. “We have six stages we go through with a new client, starting with the initial contact via phone, email or social media,” explains Rob. “We conduct on-site visits including tendering to the client’s wish list and budget, through to managing design, approvals and construction. We coordinate with builders, landscapers, architects and engineers. Our transparent way of construction is always welcome with industry professionals and clients alike.”

Rob’s qualifications include Licensed Swimming Pool Builder, Licensed Structural Landscaper, Licensed Builder and Certificate IV TAE. The company is also a member of SPASA and Master Builders Association of NSW.

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