Living the dream: customised pool design


The design for this spectacular pool has been in the minds of the new owners for over 12 years, and their dream has finally become a reality

Working closely with Pride Pools, the clients were able to have a pool created that would suit all their needs while remaining affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Pride Pools were enthusiastic about taking on this particular project as they were involved during the pool’s original inception 12 years ago.

While a lengthy process, the clients were overjoyed to see their long thought out concept come to life. Although there was already a pool in the yard, its positioning made it difficult to use the space for any purpose other than the pool itself. With the backyard having much to offer, the positioning of the new pool had to be done with the utmost precision, enabling the family to utilise the yard space for entertaining as well as pool activities.

The first job that Pride Pools undertook was the removal of the previous pool the owners had. Their in-house landscaping expert was one of the leaders in positioning the new pool and worked closely with the client. The new poolscape had to maximise the grass space and provide ample living space for relaxing and amusing guests, with the pool as the focal point.

In contrast to the previous pool, which was somewhat out from the boundary, this new instalment sits right up against a large perimeter hedge. It provides plenty of adjacent lawn space, as was required. Being located against the hedge does not detract from the pool’s exposure to the sun, meaning it can still maintain a comfortable temperature in the summer. This, accompanied by the in-built heating system, allows the level backyard to be more useful, without reducing the usability of the pool.

Incorporating both a pool and spa area, along with a beautiful water feature, Pride Pools have created something that is not only practical but also stunningly elegant. The frameless glass fencing allows the entertainment area to flow into the pool area seemingly uninterrupted. The stepping blocks together with the water feature provide a unique edge to the pool, making it both eye catching and tranquil.

Both Pride Pools and the owners are thrilled with the outcome of this long awaited project and the endless possibilities it provides for outdoor living.

Pride Pools’ company profile is to design and build consistently to a very high standard. Never put off by difficult locations or challenging sites, Pride Pools always rises to the occasion and exceeds even the most ambitious client expectations.

Pride Pools creates about 60 to 70 pools each year, from all types of domestic pools including in-ground spas and splash pools to the most demanding large constructions and projects on complex sites or difficult-to-access blocks.

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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 43

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