Second to none: salt-free mineral pool system


Australia’s only salt-free mineral pool system will relax and rejuvenate your body

MagnaPool is designed with one purpose in mind: to to provide the best and most comfortable swimming experience.

MagnaPool is made up of 3 core components: The Hydroxinator, which creates the sanitiser to maintain pool health, glass media, that must be used in place of sand in your media filter, and the MagnaPool minerals themselves, a blend of Potassium and Magnesium only (there is no salt ie sodium in a MagnaPool).

“We often hear customers ask us what the difference is between MagnaPool and all other Mineral type pool solutions,” Jonathan Bristow, Senior Category Manager at Zodiac says.

“It’s a good question to ask, as there are many options available and you should want to know what’s going in your pool. The truth is, there is only one true mineral pool and that is MagnaPool.

“MagnaPool is the only solution that delivers a 100 per cent salt free mineral pool! The minerals in MagnaPool have been specially selected and the blend that has been patented by MagnaPool has gone through many years of testing to find the sweet spot of bather comfort, while remaining environmentally friendly.”

MagnaPool is the only salt (sodium) free mineral pool system available and our mineral blend is similar to those used in natural mineral spa resorts across the world, so the feel of the water is like having your own natural mineral spa in your backyard giving you a rejuvenating and relaxing effect on the skin and body.   And because MagnaPool is salt free, you can use the backwash waste water as spray for the backyard as the minerals nourish plant life, unlike salt which will kill most plants. (Please note that it is recommended diluting the backwash water down by at 5:1 and you must always abide by local council regulations regarding the treatment of backwash waste)

MagnaPool owners find one of the greatest benefits is that the minerals are so gentle and soothing it allows people that usually cannot swim in conventional pools, due to things like skin irritations (eczema, dermatitis etc) or are sensitive to the ‘chlorine smell’ (which is caused by a byproduct of chlorine called a chloramine). These people often find in a MagnaPool these conditions no longer exist and the minerals help sooth away these irritations.

The water clarity of a MagnaPool is second to none. It is almost completely transparent and sparkles with a clarity that no other pool can duplicate. This glass like finish in the backyard environment can add a real point of interest, particularly if pool and garden lighting is included.


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