Breakthrough glass scratch removal service used to polish glass for an ‘as new’ finish at contemporary home in Longueville, Sydney


The custom glazing featured in this stunning contemporary home was professionally restored onsite in Longueville, Sydney, saving the home owner the costly expense of replacing the glass due to multiple scratches over the distinctive windows

Whether restoring or protecting glass from deterioration, EnduroShield offers the perfect solution. For restoring glass, the EnduroShield restoration service has been developed to restore all types of glass with staining or scratches back to a near new finish.

In this impressive coastal home in Longueville, both internal and external glass panels were restored. Replacing scratched glass once installed can be a very expensive and sometimes impractical solution. A much more affordable and sensible fix is to remove the scratches in-situ by calling on the EnduroShield glass scratch removal service.

Furthermore, the external glass of seaside homes are exposed to harsh conditions which can permanently stain the glass over time. The EnduroShield restoration service not only removes scratches but also restores glass that is permanently stained.

Common areas where staining is found include:

  • exterior windows, especially near the ocean where glass has corroded from being exposed to the salt air
  • glass pool fencing and railings stained from salt water, chlorine or other chemicals
  • existing shower screens stained over time from soap scum build-up or chemical damage

Protecting interior and exterior glass with the EnduroShield easy clean treatment reduces cleaning time and minimises maintenance costs.

The EnduroShield easy clean coating is a must have for any contemporary home. The coating is also eco-friendly as it reduces the amount of water used and totally eliminates the need to use toxic cleaning chemicals that drain into waterways.

Keeping glass looking new is easy with EnduroShield. To find out more about the EnduroShield scratch removal service or easy clean glass coating go to:


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