SPECIAL OFFER: Protect your glass with EnduroShield and SAVE

Exclusive to our readers, Enduroshield is offering great savings

Summer’s here — Protect your glass with EnduroShield before it’s too late.

EnduroShield is the must have protection for your glass pool fencing to protect against staining and etching from salt, chlorine, and pool chemicals that can discolour and etch glass in only a few months.

Glass pool fencing treated with EnduroShield greatly reduces the time and cost of cleaning and maintaining glass under the harsh conditions of the Australian sun.

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Don’t’ miss out! Enjoy the benefits of EnduroShield treated glass pool fencing and relax this summer.

As a special offer exclusive to Pool and Backyard subscribers, have EnduroShield applied by our professional team and receive 10% off the normal price. FREE QUOTES provided. Offer expires 24th December, 2015.

Phone 1300 720 050 and quote my glass protection for your discount.

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