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This retractable enclosure will ensure year-round protection for your pool


The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC) has outdone itself again with the innovative design of the latest addition to its range: the OMEGA model. The first of its type in Australia and the world, TPEC has catered to all pool owners’ needs while maintaining an environmentally friendly edge.The pictured enclosure features the sleek OMEGA model, which complements the already simple yet stylish design of the pool and suits the wooden decking that surrounds it. A sliding door on one side of the enclosure as well as bifold doors the length of the face make for easy access and versatility.


A smoked compact polycarbonate roof is used in the design to give required shade when needed while still enabling some of the warm sun to increase the temperature of the water. The unique design of the OMEGA model enables more usable space within the enclosure and makes it a one-of-a-kind product. The enclosure allows you to swim freely in the pool any time of year without having to endure the elements and requires limited maintenance, a pool owner’s dream.

TPEC believes that adding value, lifestyle benefits, practicality and functionally to your site is essential for continued enjoyment and value for money. A TPEC retractable pool enclosure will provide just that with the company’s fully enclosed design that seals a pool or spa from the outside elements ensuring year-round usage, no matter what the weather conditions, while still allowing the pool to be opened up on warmer days by retracting the enclosure.


Environmentally, TPEC has worked wonders by making each of its client’s pools significantly more sustainable, not only through the installation of the OMEGA model, but with all of its pool enclosure designs. TPEC enclosures can help pool owners reduce heat loss, evaporation and running costs by more than 75 per cent as well as providing a significant decrease in pump and filtration use.

TPEC has been in business since 2010 and is now Australia’s leading supplier of pool enclosures. Having won the SPASA Gold Sustainability Award in 2013, the team at TPEC are undisputed professionals. Call a design specialist today or visit the website and discover why consumers and businesses are choosing to enclose their pools with a TPEC solution.

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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 45

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