Above and beyond: wall panel design triumph


Strong but lightweight fencing and walling panels, like these on offer by Foamfast, provide maximum design flexibility and potential

Foamfast’s new-generation external fencing and walling panels are made of an expanded polystyrene core reinforced with fibreglass mesh, and come with a pre-finished render coating. The panels can have a six-star energy rating, boast superior strength and durability, and are easy to install compared with traditional masonry walls.

“Our panels offer exciting opportunities for designers and builders as they can be used to create straight or curved walls. This flexibility also makes it possible to combine different options such as timber slat infills,=QUOTE= aluminium screens, lighting, intercoms, sliding gates and much more,” says Julian Waterman of Foamfast.

“Strong but lightweight, the panels are easy to install and they’re the ideal solution when weight is an issue, such as on balconies and roof terraces,” he continues. “All panels are manufactured using a fire-retardant additive and the insulating properties bring acoustic benefits for those who live on busy streets. A Foamfast fence or wall will also withstand a certain amount of ground movement and expansion.”

Foamfast is made in South Australia, where the experienced in-house insulation team is dedicated to ensuring every project is completed without fuss and to the highest standards. If you need to arrange for installation, the company works with a number of installers nationally who are experienced in both residential and commercial projects.

For builders or those going down the DIY route, Foamfast has a strong Australia-wide distribution network and can deliver DIY items within three to five days. Whether you’re a builder or homeowner, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the panels have a 10-year warranty.

The cliff-top, coastal property pictured here, owned by Rob Pavin, general manager of Hindmarsh Plumbing, shows Foamfast used to best advantage. Says Rob: “The flexibility of Foamfast’s products was simply brilliant and the installation team exceeded our expectations. We had to reduce the total load on this area so we thought that would mean not being able to have planter boxes, but Foamfast made it possible to have planter boxes, lighting and aluminium panels all built into the walling system.”

According to Julian, “Of the options Rob had before him, he knew Foamfast would do it better, make it stronger and meet building regulations. When a building industry leader selects you as a preferred supplier for their own house, you know you’re doing something right. Just another story of how Foamfast delivers above and beyond.”


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Originally from Outdoor Design and Living magazine, Volume 26

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