Warm and contemporary pool design


The contemporary design of this dream pool by Urban Aqua Pools and Spas exudes warmth and tranquility

A pool will always be a brilliant backyard feature, but this warm and subtle take on an in-ground design shows how perfect landscaping combined with clever design can create an impression that the pool was simply meant to be there.

The light-coloured wood decking and beautifully co-ordinated tumbled travertine waterline tiles and sandstone coping give the whole area a warm and contemporary feel. This perfectly complements the flourishing appearance of the surrounding gardens, which overflow with lush green plants and hedging. Near-invisible glass fencing separates the pool from the alfresco area, while the surrounding grass path adds to the effect of an intimate backyard pool that is ideal for lap swimming and lazy days on the deck.

The pool itself is a dream for a busy owner, offering not only a tranquil and comfortable space to relax and entertain but easy maintenance and no fuss. A fully automatic pool system is in operation, including a filtration system, gas heating and in-floor cleaning as well as LED lighting for evenings out. An automated Swimroll cover helps ensure the pool stays sparkling clean and inviting and also minimises evaporation and heat loss. This environmental touch goes hand in hand with the water tanks used to keep the pool full and fresh.

Urban Aqua Pools and Spas works closely with architects, designers and clients to carry out your pool and landscaping requirements, creating a more holistic approach to each project. Owner and manager Nick McCarthy has 20 years experience in the industry and, with the company working on only 7–10 Sydney-based pools a year, their dedication and complete attention ensures ultimate ease from design to council submission to final construction, a comprehensive solution to making any outdoor area spectacular.


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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 40

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