Solar and Privacy Screening for Elegant Double Bay Home


Kaynemaile screens provide privacy and solar shading for this contemporary home situated in Sydney’s harbourside suburb of Double Bay


Set in a north-facing cove in Sydney’s vast natural harbour, this elegant contemporary home borders a recreational park and a public pier which juts out into the bay. This element forms one axis for the site while a pristine beach, directly in front of the site, forms another.

From the principle park elevation, the new building appears as a collection of planes; a play on space, privacy and threshold. Graphite grey sail screens made from Kaynemaile are rigged off the house, promoting privacy from the road. Timber cladding, plastered mass walls and a wood-clad underside are all layered into the design to create further planes.

For a block that receives plenty of natural light, a solar solution to reduce direct sunlight without obstructing views can not only help create privacy but also reduce heat in the home naturally – reducing energy costs in the process.

As well as fixed screens, the house incorporates automated solar screens within a solar management system that detects the sun and moves the screen positions automatically – creating an innovative facade solution.

The end result is a stunning architectural home incorporating energy-efficient features as a focal point of the design to create a home that is more liveable as well as aesthetically-pleasing.

About Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh

Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh provides a cost-effective method to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that enters a home, without obstructing views out of the windows.

An innovative mesh system, the technology has been shown to deflect up to 70% of visible and infrared light waves, which are linked to overheating. Alternative steel mesh products are highly thermally conductive, so under direct sunlight, their temperature rises and they radiate heat into the building. In contrast, Kaynemaile mesh is made from a high-grade polycarbonate, which is an insulator. This allows it to stay at near ambient temperature, even at the height of summer, moderating a home’s thermal environment and reducing its electricity and air conditioning costs.

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