10 DIY tips for your interior and exterior spaces

10 DIY tips for your interior and exterior spaces


With months of lockdowns and social isolation, Aussies are getting used to spending more time at home than ever before. Looking to make the most of your indoor & outdoor spaces? We have you covered with former The Block couple Michael & Carlene Duffy’s top 5 DIY tips:


1. Give dated furniture new life – give deteriorated furniture some TLC with a sand back and fresh new shade of paint. Replace the clunky drawer runners and update the handles for a fresh look.

2. Renew the floors – sand back and re-varnish sun damaged or scratched timber floorboards. You can do this room by room to avoid having to move everything out of the house.

3. Modernise – update other doorware and joinery hardware by replacing the handles / knobs with something more current. The local hardware store is a good option, but there are also A LOT of good options online.

4. Don’t be afraid of colour – Painting the walls is one of the most transformative things you can do to a home. It completely changes the look, feel and mood of a space. Be sure to sample your paints first and view them in different lights.

5. Get crafty – update your bedroom by upholstering or reupholstering your bedhead. It’s something you can easily achieve with a staple gun and fabric you love from your local fabric store.


1. Lay new turfnew turf will not only add value to your property, it will really help to transform your yard and give your family an additional space to play and relax. Take it up a notch by pulling weeds, trimming hedges, and laying fresh mulch in the garden too.

2. Restore broken or outdated furniture – give dated outdoor furniture some TLC by prepping the surfaces with a good sanding, a rust solvent (if required) and then a fresh coat of paint.

3. Frame the home – a fresh coat of paint on your front fence and boundary fences can quickly elevate a home exterior. A dark charcoal flanked by living greenery is a no-fail. The dark backdrop allows the green to really pop and is a timeless combination.

4. Pressure hose – time to get rid of all that built-up grime and dirt from the front pavers, driveways and patios, as well as the exterior window frames and house facades.

5. Modernise – Update the remaining house façade by painting the house cladding, gutter, window frames, garage and roof to a more current colour combination. Always sample your paint colours first and observe them in the changing light.

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