Jindara and Eureka brands release 3 new energy-efficient woodheaters for 2020

Jindara and Eureka brands release 3 new energy-efficient woodheaters for 2020


Three new radiant wood heaters are being released under the well-known and long established Jindara and Eureka brand names ready for the coming winter season

The range made up of three sizes to suit small, medium and large homes are the result of an eighteen month long product research and development project. The heaters received certification from an independent NATA testing laboratory confirming that they achieve high performance burning and heating efficiency, as well as complying to Australia’s emissions and efficiency standards which are amongst the strictest in the world. The three new Jindara and Eureka radiant heaters are manufactured in Ararat, Victoria by long established and multi-generation family owned manufacturer A F Gason Pty Ltd.

As radiant heaters, they distribute warmth into the home by radiating heat directly from the outer surfaces of the heater. This radiant heat spreads to all surfaces in the line of sight of the unit, more effectively heating large open spaces when compared to convective units which rely on the transfer of air to distribute heat. Radiant heaters are the perfect option for homes that have high ceilings or are quite draughty and poorly insulated.

Another important design feature is the robust cast iron door which houses primary and boost air controls, with the boost air function aiding the initial start-up of the fire by providing air to the base of the fire. The design of the door also allows a generous viewing area to watch the flames flicker away as the warmth is enjoyed.

AF Gason’s National Heater Sales Manager Morgan Gason says that the cast iron components used are sourced from a long established Australian cast iron foundry based in Adelaide, reinforcing Gason’s continuing commitment to supporting Australian manufacturing. Morgan Gason says “all the manufacturing and assembly is undertaken at our advanced manufacturing centre in Ararat, so a purchaser can be sure that they are buying a fully Australian-made, tested and certified product.

“We utilise precision laser cutting and robotic welding to construct the fireboxes which are guaranteed by a ten year firebox warranty.

The remainder of the assembly process is completed by our experienced staff, comprising over 130 employees.

“We are releasing the three new models in each of the Jindara and Eureka brand names which are widely recognised as leaders in household heating over many years.”

The smaller version of the three is designed to heat a room size of 150 sqm, with the medium and larger iterations heating up to 220sqm and 300sqm respectively. Morgan Gason adds that the radiant range is competitively priced and will provide customers seeking a product that is built to last in Australian conditions with exceptional value for money over its lifetime.

“We have optimised the shape and internal components of the firebox to promote clean efficient combustion while ensuring that the unit is adaptable enough to perform well when burning a range of different hardwoods as is the reality of the Australian market.

By utilising a secondary baffle system and top-down or ‘over flame’ secondary air delivery, the unit produces a generous amount of heat for its size when operating at its highest setting, and can also be shut down effectively for an overnight burn.

“Just as fire users used to sit around and enjoy the warmth from an open fire now they can enjoy the same experience but with the added efficiency of a radiant style wood heater”.

The Jindara and Eureka radiant ranges are available through a nationwide dealer network.

Or for more product information on the new Jindara and Eureka radiant heat model choices contact Jindara dealers at https://jindara.com.au/find-dealer , or for Eureka dealers: https://eurekaheating.com.au/find-dealer