5 reasons to choose underfloor heating

If you’re planning a new home or major renovation, these five reasons may convince you to incorporate underfloor heating into your design

5 reasons to choose underfloor heating

1. Ambient heating evenly heats your home

Whether heating a small or large area, floor heating provides just the right amount of ambient, even heat. This means that it is a great choice for open-plan homes, or other areas with large spaces where convection heaters and other devices may do an inefficient, ineffective job of heating the whole space.

2. Underfloor heating is more energy efficient

In-floor heating systems work by warming the surface, which subsequently warms the air in the room. From a scientific point of view, the warm surfaces reduce the rate of heat loss experienced by the people in the room. This means that they feel more comfortable in temperatures a few degrees lower than other heating methods. There is also less heat lost through ceiling insulation.

According to leading underfloor heating supplier Comfort Heat, hydronic floor heating – which uses a water-based system heated by gas under the floor – is even more energy efficient for large floor areas. This can lead to a reduction of as much as two-thirds of your heating bill.

3. A quiet way to heat your home

In-floor heating delivers heat without noise, unlike many other conventional systems. There is no mechanical noise and no air or water noise.

4. No matter your choice, all underfloor heating systems are concealed from view

Fitting pipes and cables under your floor mean that the entire heating system is hidden, without compromising the look of your home. This makes it a perfect option for new home builds or any residence with a minimalist aesthetic or modern decor that may be impacted by unsightly heating appliances.

5. Underfloor heating provides a safer, healthier, hypo-allergenic way to warm your home

Any heat system that forces air around a space carries the risk of spreading dust and germs, leading to increased health risks and allergies. Alternatively, in-floor heating circulates air much more subtly. This means that it is safer and healthier for allergy sufferers. A completely concealed system also voids the risk of young children touching dangerous holes or hot surfaces.

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