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Easy to use and energy efficient: there’s a lot to like about Dowell’s Thermaline Sliding Door

Dowell ThermaLine sliding doors don’t just meet the standards of modern door design; they exceed them. Expect a high level of comfort with the ThermaLine, which ensures a constant, agreeable room climate and reduced energy costs.

During summer keep the heat out and during winter keep the warmth where it belongs indoors. You won’t need an air conditioner with the ThermaLine sliding door.

Best for large-scaled openings, Dowell ThermaLine doors are aluminium and measure 2400mm. Robus rollers aren’t just quiet but will provide years of trouble free smooth and easy operation. There is also the option for selective glazing, with over 30db of outside noise eliminated.

One of the most impressive features of the Dowell ThermaLine is its design. An elegant wide profile allows new room concepts and the Dowell ThermaLine range is compatible with one another, allowing the harmonious union of multiple windows and sliding doors.

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