Expert advice: Avoid painting problems

Expert advice: Avoid painting problems
Expert advice: Avoid painting problems
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Mould, peeling, fading, blocking. Mention these words to any homeowner and they’re sure to create instant angst. To ensure you can remain worry-free, the team at Dulux has some advice to help you avoid painting mistakes.


1. Mould forms in areas of high moisture and little sunlight, meaning the kitchen, laundry and bathroom are often affected. The use of flat or matt paints in spaces exposed to moisture, and not priming a bare wood surface before painting, are also contributing factors. To avoid mould disasters, Dulux recommends the use of its Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom with Barrier Technology. Combining the benefits of a superior-quality interior paint with Mouldshield and Anti Bacterial Technology makes this perfect for any home.

2. Cracking, flaking and peeling are a trio of terrors. These occur when dry paint film splits due to aging, the use of lower-quality paint, over-thinning or spreading the paint, and insufficient surface preparation. To ensure this doesn’t happen in your home, use a premium-quality primer and topcoat. Dulux recommends 1 Step Prepcoat Primer, Sealer and Undercoat to prevent these problems.

3. Easily the most annoying of all paint dilemmas is blocking. This occurs when two painted surfaces stick together, for example a door and a door jam. Caused by not allowing enough drying time or the use of lower-quality gloss and semi-gloss paints, blocking could mean you will need to repaint an entire surface. Apart from doing the obvious and reading the instructions on the tin, Dulux recommends a water-based enamel paint, such as Dulux Aquanamel, which will reduce the risk of blocking.

4. Fading normally affects the exterior of the home. Caused by exposure to lots of sun, fading can also occur if interior-grade paint is used outdoors. If you want to avoid fading, make sure you use a high-quality exterior paint. Dulux’s Weathershield and Weathershield Heat Reflect are guaranteed not to blister, flake or peel.

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From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 4

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