Invisible coating helps protect star hotel


Brisbane’s newest south-side facility features chic urban design and easy clean glass coating

The Calamvale Hotel features 60 guest suites that are both stylish and spacious. To add a finishing touch to these bathrooms Enduroshield were contracted to apply Enduroshield easy clean glass coating to 64 shower screens.

“It was a fast turnaround project,” said Brendan Johnstone, Director of EnduroShield QLD.

“Our team completed this project quickly – a week before the launch of the prestigious hotel opening”.

The Enduroshield protective coating ensures the hotel saves thousands of dollars in cleaning and maintenance—and looks great at the same time.

EnduroShield is an invisible coating that seals the porous surface of the glass, protecting it against staining and etching from grime, dirt and soap scum. It also assists the prevention of harmful mould build-up and bacteria, resulting in a germ-free environment.

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