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Add extra water facilities practically anywhere you choose.

Home Renovations 

Saniflo macerating pumps are a groundbreaking product that can make a world of difference to the functionality of your home renovation. Renovating is a considerable investment to your home and finding a simple, inexpensive solution is key. 

Saniflo’s small-bore macerator pumps are the perfect solution for when you want to relocate or add another water facility within the home. A successful renovation will address all your specific needs in a simple manner and Saniflo has the ability to do this. You can now add an extra bathroom, toilet or even ensuite practically anywhere you choose, there are units for any design feature you can imagine.

With Saniflo’s small-bore pumping systems, you can maximise your design layout cost effectively and easily. Units can be installed away from and even below the sewer lines, giving you the freedom to renovate easier and smarter than ever before. Unlike traditional plumbing methods, there is no need to break up any part of the building in order to install one.

With Saniflo’s huge range of domestic and commercial models, installing additional wet facilities is now an accessible solution to previous expensive, tricky plumbing alternatives. As market leaders and with more than five million units sold worldwide, Saniflo makes plumbing a renovation easier than before.

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