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Renovating can be a daunting experience for first-timers but there’s a number of steps you can take to ensure your renovation is problem-free

TV shows might make it look easy but renovation can be a tricky business, particularly if it’s your first time. However there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your renovation project is a successful and problem-free process.

Firstly, it pays to deal with one company through the renovation process. this ensures consistency in delivery of your vision as well as a quality building result. At the start of your renovation project you should aim to nail the design and ensure it matches your budget. To ensure this, a qualified, specialist designer will provide you with accurate information as to whether your dream can be achieved with your budget.

Secondly, manage council approvals. Every council is different and yours will have very precise requirements for submission of a development application. This can be a particularly tricky process with small errors possibly resulting in long delays. An experienced builder will come in handy here.

Once you have your approval and can start building you need to bear in mind which tradespeople you can call on for the various aspects of your renovation.

Another key step is to oversee the trades to ensure the job is completed according to Australian Standards and quality expectations. For this reason, you’ll need to educate yourself about the relevant Standard for your job so you can check your tradesperson’s work. The best solution is to work with a company with full builders license. They will take care of scheduling and managing all trades so you don’t have to worry about who will be where and when. If changes to the schedule are needed, your builder will manage all rescheduling and contact between tradespeople.

They’ll ensure every step is done in the lead up to each tradesperson arriving so your renovation can proceed on schedule and, more importantly, on budget. Delays or changes to the schedule can add unexpected expense to your renovation which you simply don’t need when managing a budget. Licensed builders are fully informed and stay up to date with Australian Standards and will ensure your job complies.

Harvey Norman Renovations hold a full builders licence and take care of every project from the very beginning to the very end. Harvey Norman offer a 10 year warranty on their workmanship.

Drop into one of Harvey Norman’s newly-renovated showrooms at Alexandria or Auburn today and talk to their specialist team about bringing your dream kitchen or bathroom to life.

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