Natural finishes to refresh your home


These natural finishes are  scratch-resistant, durable and highly moisture-resistant and ensure modern functionality

Natural finishes are a look to watch out for — and with Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products’ COLOURpyne® range, you can incorporate a fresh-from-the-forest appearance while enjoying thoroughly modern functionality.

COLOURpyne® is scratch-resistant, durable and highly moisture-resistant, making it a great choice for cupboards, shelving and cabinets in the kitchen and throughout the home. Easy to clean and maintain, it comes in a range of colours, finishes and dimensions designed to suit every budget and aesthetic. The range is also Ecospecifier Global Green Tag-certified so you can bring your love of nature indoors without neglecting the outside world.

Manufactured right here in Australia by our largest producer of particleboard, COLOURpyne® makes a beautiful and surprisingly affordable addition to any renovation or new build.

Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products

Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quaterly, Volume 23, No. 1

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