ZINTL® board profiles offer a world of design possibilities


The ZINTL® aluminium cladding system by HVG Facades is a timelessly elegant and enduring material that offers a world of design possibilities.

Available in a range of interlocking profiles, the high performance cladding is Australian Made and Owned® and is suitable for any residential project.

In addition to its versatility, the facade profiles are non-combustible – certified to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3. Combining sophisticated style, extraordinary fire performance and efficient installation, the ZINTL® cladding system is ideal for residential projects. Designed for quick and cost effective installation, ZINTL® requires minimal ongoing maintenance and can be customised to suit each project.

Ranging from contemporary and traditional weatherboard appearances, ZINTL® is available in five board profiles:

  • Shiplap: In a contemporary traditional weatherboard appearance, and suitable for horizontal and vertical installation (Available in a 150mm Shiplap finished face).

ZINTL® board profiles offer a world of design possibilities

  • Step: Creates a stepped weatherboard appearance for horizontal installation only (Available in Step 60D in a 120mm finished face).
  • Linea: A sleek and contemporary flat board appearance that is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. (Available in a Linea 190mm and 300mm finished face).
  • Shadow: Creates a flat and continuous board with negative detail for vertical and horizontal installation (Available in Shadow 200mm and 300mm finished face).

ZINTL® is available in five board profiles:

  • Standing Seam: This vertical interlocking profile has a single standing seam (Available in Standing Seam 190mm and 300mm finished face).

Realistic wood grain finishes

ZINTL® aluminium cladding is offered in a wide range of Interpon and Dulux powder coated finishes as well as a selection of anodised and wood grain architectural finishes, providing a beautifully refined aesthetic. With its mix of natural, bold and subtle hues, ZINTL® is perfect for any budget or environment. Its durability makes it particularly well suited for coastal properties and high traffic areas.

Realistic wood grain finishes

Unique to ZINTL®, ezy HD² is a realistic wood effect coating that creates the look and feel of timber in an aluminium finish. Removing the required upkeep of traditional timber weatherboards, ZINTL® is the perfect facade solution for any lifestyle.

ezyHD²’s powder-on-powder process is more durable and less subject to differential fading in comparison to the wood effect products obtained by the sublimation wood effect finish. This is because the grain is the same product and same quality as the base coat ensuring that they both weather at the same time. ezy HD² is the first system to obtain a realistic wood effect coating using a powder-on-powder process that ensures high definition and a highly durable finish for your product. ezy HD² is the only wood effect coating in Australia that can offer a 15-year colour and 25-year film integrity warranty for both the base coat and the grain coat.

A sustainable choice

In addition to the lowered maintenance required by the ZINTL® interlocking cladding system, ZINTL® aluminium cladding is an excellent choice to enhance the sustainability of your home due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and recyclability. Our ZINTL® solid aluminium boards are 100% recyclable, offering an eco-friendly solution. Up to 95% less energy is required in the recycling of aluminium in comparison to other primary metals, ensuring a reduction in emissions.

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