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Achieve prestige in your property with a Glass Balustrade from Absolut Custom Glass Systems.

These stylish frameless and semi-frameless balustrades are the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor or indoor space.

Why balustrades?

Balustrades offer that high-end finish that other fencing or screening simply can’t match. Not only that, but they maximise the available light in your home and provide inobtrusive structural safety elements that look absolutely amazing.

By adding a frameless or semi-frameless balustrade to your staircase, you can modernise your home’s look. This in turn lifts the appearance of the space, resulting in a relatively minor spend for a million-dollar finish.

Balustrades also provide the perfect solution for fencing that doesn’t obscure your view. Whether you have a balcony, veranda or deck, this addition adds an element of finesse and class to your property and increases the value of your home. With a wide range of shapes and finishes available, you can match your balustrade to your space, whether you have a timber, brick, rendered or painted concrete finish.

What you need to know

When choosing your balustrade, you need to go with the very best. Quality is everything, and that’s why we like Absolut Custom Glass Systems, located on the Gold Coast. These experts in balustrades have been providing high-quality products that are perfectly fitted to your space for more than 20 years.

The Absolut Custom Glass Systems team provides creative design solutions for your home, with options including frameless or semi-frameless panels, and footings or out-of-sight fixings to achieve that ‘floating’ look. Alternatively, they can assist you in creating a balustrade solution that matches your own specifications.

When you’re adding a Glass Balustrade to your internal staircase, the Absolut team can help with both design and installation. They can even offer curved glass for that high-end look that filters light through in areas previously left in the dark. Stainless steel hardware ensures that the final product will stand the test of time.

For those looking to enjoy unrestricted views from their outdoor mezzanine or balcony area, the Absolut group are experts. Their custom-designed Glass Balustrades can be tailored to suit any space.

All Absolut Custom Glass Systems products are designed to meet Australian safety standards — just the sort of quality you’d expect from a team of industry experts.

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