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Your pool is the ultimate luxury accessory to your home. Maximise your views and sense of safety with frameless or semi-frameless glass fencing from Absolut Custom Glass Systems

This affordable fencing solution adds real value to your property. Glass pool fencing creates a sense of opulence and prestige, and let your pool be the feature you paid for.
The Absolut team are experts in the design and installation of this specialist fencing solution. This leading glazing installer is located on the Gold Coast, and has a range of profiles to fit your budget and site specifications.

Frameless or semi-frameless fencing

For those looking for a luxury finish, you can’t go past frameless glass fencing. The frame-free finish is high-end and offers no interruptions to the view of your pool or property.
If budget is at the forefront of your mind, a semi-frameless option could be for you. This solution can be 30 per cent more cost effective than the frameless fencing, while still looking incredible. These fences are usually framed in anodised aluminium in standard matt black or silver.
Regardless of which frame level you choose, all hardware is delivered to the client at cost price. These fencing solutions can be secured using channel fixing, face-pin fixing or via spigots, depending on the look you want and your design specifications.

Safety first

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to pool fencing, and the frameless and semi-frameless solutions from Absolut Custom Glass Systems all comply with local council safety by-laws. They also enable you to keep a close eye on all water activity with uninterrupted pool views — perfect for those with young children.
The fencing material is 12mm thick for frameless or 10mm thick for semi-frameless, and toughened to suit the local climate, ensuring it meets Australian safety standards. All hardware is in standard 316L and duplex 2205 marine-grade stainless steel, powder-coated and anodized aluminium.
All Absolut Custom Glass Systems fences are provided with a 10-year warranty for their structural integrity.

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