How to measure for face-fitting Venetian blinds

Before measuring your windows you need to decide whether you’ll have your Venetians installed on the inside of the window frame as a recess fit, or the outside of the frames as a face fit. DIYblinds have a wonderful tutorial to help with this decision.


Measuring Your Windows – Face Fit

Measure the exact outside width of the window frame across the top, middle and bottom. This will help cater for any anomalies. Once finished, record the largest measurement.

Measure the Drop

Measure the height of the window from the top of the frame to the bottom across the left, middle and right and use the largest measurement.

Essential Measuring Tips:

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call DIYblinds on 1300 918 390
  • For help deciding on a fit, email a photo of your window(s) to
  • Use metal tape measure
  • Provide measurements in millimetres
  • Double Check all of your measurements
  • Specify width and drop when writing your measurements to ensure you don’t reverse them.
  • Only provide the exact measurements, do not make deductions to allow clearance
  • Measure every window as they may have slight variations that will prevent your blinds from fitting perfectly.


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